Conscious awareness


We are at “Mindfulness for challenging moments” workshop with Godfrey Devereux.

While talking about being disturbed from what is going on around us, disturbing others and respect, I recalled:

Caddebostan 9/10/2019


Just recently, we took a walk  on Caddebostan coast with a close friend. The sun was about to set. There were not many people around.

It was so beautiful that we left the brisk walk and conversation and sat by the sea, for minutes we didn’t talk at all, we watched the sunset, the reflections on the sea, the rhythm and the sound of the waves,  the smell of algas...

Coolness came after the sun went down, so we got up. Only after that came to our mind to take pictures.

We started to walk again, then we heard a music sound, I turned; a guy who had put the speakers on his bike, was approaching by broadcasting.

– Don’t you have headphones? I said.

– No, he answered.

Actually, mine was not a question.


Today, during the workshop, we received a news that a friend was hit by a fast-moving car while crossing the street, she was taken to the intensive care unit in the hospital, expected to gather some strength to be operated.

The car must have been driven fast either because of a hurry, or for fun.


Let’s take a look;

how much are we aware of ourselves,

of where we are,

of what we are doing?

Does it save us if the effects of what we do are small?

or even if it doesn’t affect much, is it the characteristic, is it the purpose, is it the intention of what is done
needs to be evaluated…

Of course I’m not talking about legal consequences.

What justifies the attitude?

If the fast passing car does not hit anyone,
if the man who plays loud music while passing by in his bike or car in silence, thinks the music he plays is beautiful
is that enough?


And while all those and other things are happenning

what do we do?

Caddebostan 9/10/2019



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